Adaptive measures: integrating adaptive forest management and forest landscape restoration

Topical collection: Forest Adaptation and Restoration under Global Change

Adaptive Forest Management and Forest Landscape Restoration do not contradict – ecosystem integrity and health are benefits and central goals in both concepts, and thus can be integrated. The Adaptive Measures concept can be helpful in streamlining and focusing existing concepts on forest adaptation and restoration as well as to help forest restoration to focus more on the ability of ecosystems to self-organize in the future and to adapt to changing environmental conditions instead of attempting to restore to a previous historical state. There is an urgent need to consider novel or no-analogue ecosystems to potentially provide the best mix of ecosystem services in the future under uncertainty.

Climate change, Vulnerability, Resilience, Tree species richness, Ecosystem legacy;

Spathelf, P., Stanturf, J., Kleine, M. et al. Annals of Forest Science (2018) 75: 55.

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