Marco Ferretti joins Annals of Forest Science as a new Associate Editor

Marco Ferretti got his degree in Forest Sciences at the University of Firenze (1986) and obtained a PhD from the University of Siena (2006).

His research focus is in detecting changes in forest ecosystems, with emphasis on the influence of environmental drivers on forest health, productivity, and diversity. His primary interest is to ensure high quality data and information, connect different fields of the monitoring science, and promote integration across disciplines. This will help advancing our understanding of forest response and dynamics, and to better answer societal needs.

Since 2017, he is the Head of Unit Forest Resources and Management at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL and also serves as Chairman of the ICP Forests, a program established in 1985 under the UNECE Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution.

In 2013, he obtained the Italian National Scientific Habilitation as Chair professor in Ecology and Chair professor in Science and Technology of Forest and Arboricultural Systems.

Formerly, he was co-ordinator of the IUFRO Working Group 7.04.01 “Detection, Monitoring and Evaluation (2000-2006), Technical Director at TerraData environmetrics, Siena, Italy (2006-2016), Contract Professor at the University of Siena (2002 – 2010), Contract Researcher at the University of Firenze (1988-2007) and Project Manager at Linnaea ambiente, Firenze, Italy (1990-2005).

Most of his past work has been based on terrestrial measurements and data analysis of forest health, growth, diversity, and atmospheric chemistry on local (Italy, several regional programs, 1987 – ongoing), national (Switzerland, 2017, ongoing; Italy, 1997-ongoing; France: 2009-2012), European (1988-ongoing) forest monitoring networks, with co-operation and contacts with North-America (Canada, USA: 2003 – ongoing) and East Asia (2009 – ongoing).

Besides, Marco is also strongly engaged in editorial activities as he also serves the journals iForests and Annals of Silvicultural Research.




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