December 2016 Issue



Editorial: “Forest Inventories at the European level” Jean Michel Leban, Jean-Daniel Bontemps


The role of European National Forest Inventories for international forestry reporting Claude Vidal, Iciar Alberdi, John Redmond, Martin Vestman, Adrian Lanz, Klemens Schadauer

Comparison of methods used in European National Forest Inventories for the estimation of volume increment: towards harmonisation Thomas Gschwantner, Adrian Lanz, Claude Vidal, Michal Bosela, Lucio Di Cosmo, Jonas Fridman, Patrizia Gasparini, Andrius Kuliešis, Stein Tomter, Klemens Schadauer

Overview of methods and tools for evaluating future woody biomass availability in European countries Susana Barreiro, Mart-Jan Schelhaas, Gerald Kändler, Clara Antón-Fernández, Antoine Colin, Jean-Daniel Bontemps, Iciar Alberdi, Sonia Condés, Marius Dumitru, Angel Ferezliev, Christoph Fischer, Patrizia Gasparini, Thomas Gschwantner, Georg Kindermann, Bjarki Kjartansson, Pál Kovácsevics, Milos Kucera, Anders Lundström, Gheorghe Marin, Gintautas Mozgeris, Thomas Nord-Larsen, Tuula Packalen, John Redmond, Sandro Sacchelli, Allan Sims, Arnór Snorrason, Nickola Stoyanov, Esther Thürig, Per-Erik Wikberg


The effects of temporal differences between map and ground data on map-assisted estimates of forest area and biomass Ronald E. McRoberts, Erik Næsset, Terje Gobakken

Annual volume increment of the European forests—description and evaluation of the national methods used Stein Michael Tomter, Andrius Kuliešis, Thomas Gschwantner

Estimates of stem wood increments in forest resources: comparison of different approaches in forest inventory: consequences for international reporting: case studyof European forests Andrius Kuliešis, Stein M. Tomter, Claude Vidal, Adrian Lanz

Uncertainty assessment of large-scale forest growth predictions based on a transition-matrix model in Catalonia Mathieu Fortin, Nicolas Robert, Rubén Manso

From inventory to consumer biomass availability—the ITOC model Udo Mantau, Thomas Gschwantner, Alessandro Paletto, Marian L. Mayr, Christian Blanke, Evgeniya Strukova, Admir Avdagic, Paolo Camin, Alain Thivolle-Cazat, Przemko Döring, Edmundas Petrauskas, Hermann Englert, Klemens Schadauer, Susana Barreiro, Adrian Lanz, Claude Vidal

Hierarchical model-based inference for forest inventory utilizing three sources of information Svetlana Saarela, Sören Holm, Anton Grafström, Sebastian Schnell, Erik Næsset, Timothy G. Gregoire, Ross F. Nelson, Göran Ståhl  OPEN ACCESS



Comparing close-to-nature silviculture with processes in pristine forests: lessons from Central Europe Jean-Philippe Schütz, Milan Saniga, Jurij Diaci, Tomas Vrška


Deciphering the ozone-induced changes in cellular processes: a prerequisite for ozone risk assessment at the tree and forest levels Yves Jolivet, Matthieu Bagard, Mireille Cabané, Marie-Noëlle Vaultier, Anthony Gandin, Dany Afif, Pierre Dizengremel, Didier Le Thiec


The Level II aggregated forest soil condition database links soil physicochemical and hydraulic properties with long-term observations of forest condition in Europe Stefan Fleck, Nathalie Cools, Bruno De Vos, Henning Meesenburg, Richard Fischer  OPEN ACCESS


Root architecture might account for contrasting establishment success of Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii and Pinus sylvestris in Central Europe under dry conditions Barbara Moser, Christoph Bachofen, Jonathan D. Müller, Marek Metslaid, Thomas Wohlgemuth

Drought response of upland oak (Quercus L.) species in Appalachian hardwood forests of the southeastern USA Tara L. Keyser, Peter M. Brown

Ontogeny influences developmental physiology of post-transplant Quercus rubra seedlings more than genotype Joshua L. Sloan, Douglass F. Jacobs

Faidherbia albida in Mali near Bandiagara

Differences in carbon isotope discrimination and whole-plant transpiration efficiency among nine Australian and Sahelian Acacia species Nianguiri M. Konate, Erwin Dreyer, Daniel Epron

Improving the design of long-term monitoring experiments in forests: a new method for the assessment of local soil variability by combining infrared spectroscopy and dendrometric data Emila Akroume, Bernd Zeller, Marc Buée, Philippe Santenoise, Laurent Saint-André

Regeneration patterns of the late-successional Abies alba Mill.: inhibition in monospecific stands and colonization in mixed stands Jarosław G. Paluch, Zbigniew Kołodziej, Jerzy Skrzyszewski, Leszek Bartkowicz, Piotr Gruba

Self-thinning in four pine species: an evaluation of potential climate impacts Pau Brunet-Navarro, Frank J. Sterck, Jordi Vayreda, Jordi Martinez-Vilalta, Godefridus M.J. Mohren  OPEN ACCESS

Improving prediction accuracy and selection of open-pollinated seed-lots in Eucalyptus dunnii Maiden using a multivariate mixed model approach Craig M. Hardner, Adam L. Healey, Geoff Downes, Mónica Herberling, Peter L. Gore

Improved productivity and modified tree morphology of mixed versus pure stands of European beech (Fagus sylvatica) and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) with increasing precipitation and age Eric A. Thurm, Hans Pretzsch

Leaf litter decomposition in urban forests: test of the home-field advantage hypothesis Yan Sun, Shuqing Zhao

Importance of tree basic density in biomass estimation and associated uncertainties: a case of three mangrove species in Tanzania Marco Andrew Njana, Henrik Meilby, Tron Eid, Eliakimu Zahabu, Rogers Ernest Malimbwi

Multidimensional scaling of first-return airborne laser echoes for prediction and model-assisted estimation of a distribution of tree stem diameters Steen Magnussen, Jean-Pierre Renaud

A new approach to prediction of the age-age correlation for use in tree breeding Deogratias M. Rweyongeza

Influence of tree species, tree diameter and soil types on wood density and its radial variation in a mid-altitude rainforest in Madagascar Tahiana Ramananantoandro, Miora F. Ramanakoto, Gabrielle L. Rajoelison, Jean C. Randriamboavonjy, Herimanitra P. Rafidimanantsoa

Techniques and productivity of coppice harvesting operations in Europe: a meta-analysis of available data Raffaele Spinelli, Emmanuel Cacot, Matevz Mihelic, Ljupco Nestorovski, Piotr Mederski, Eduardo Tolosana



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