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New alternatives for wood preservation based on thermal and chemical modification of wood— a review
Philippe Gérardin

Control of wood thermal treatment and its effects on decay resistance: a review  
Kévin Candelier, Marie-France Thevenon, Anélie Petrissans, Stéphane Dumarcay, Philippe Gerardin & Mathieu Petrissans

Integrated and systemic management of storm damage by the forest-based sector and public authorities
Simon Riguelle, Jacques Hébert & Benoit Jourez


Within-stem maps of wood density and water content for characterization of species: a case study on three hardwood and two softwood species
Fleur Longuetaud, Frédéric Mothe, Meriem Fournier, Jana Dlouha, Philippe Santenoise & Christine Deleuze

Modelling the effects of wood cambial age on the effective modulus of elasticity of poplar laminated veneer lumber
Stéphane Girardon, Louis Denaud, Guillaume Pot & Istie Rahayu

Propagating uncertainty through individual tree volume model predictions to large-area volume estimates
Ronald E. McRoberts & James A. Westfall

Stem quality assessment in European National Forest Inventories: an opportunity for harmonised reporting?
Michal Bosela, John Redmond, Miloš Kučera, Gheorghe Marin, Radim Adolt, Thomas Gschwantner, Rudolf Petráš, Kari Korhonen, Andrius Kuliešis, Gintaras Kulbokas, Christoph Fischer & Adrian Lanz

Pinus nigra Arn. ssp. salzmannii seedling recruitment is affected by stand basal area, shrub cover and climate interactions
Manuel E. Lucas-Borja, David Candel-Pérez, Francisco A. García Morote, Thierry Onkelinx, Pedro A. Tíscar & Philippe Balandier

Understory fine roots are more ephemeral than those of trees in subtropical Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook) stands
Jinxue Huang, Guangshui Chen, Zhijie Yang, Decheng Xiong, Jianfen Guo, Jinsheng Xie, David Robinson & Yusheng Yang

Rellstab et al., 2016b1

Using joint multivariate analyses of leaf morphology and molecular-genetic markers for taxon identification in three hybridizing European white oak species (Quercus spp.)
Christian Rellstab, Andreas Bühler, René Graf, Catherine Folly & Felix Gugerli

Low intra-tree variability in resistance to embolism in four Pinaceae species
Pauline S. Bouche, Steven Jansen, Julia Cruz Sabalera, Hervé Cochard, Régis Burlett & Sylvain Delzon

Potassium fertilization affects the distribution of fine roots but does not change ectomycorrhizal community structure
Lixia Wang, Klaus Katzensteiner, Helmut Schume, Marcela Van Loo & Douglas L. Godbold

How do consumers express their appreciation of wood surfaces? Norway spruce floors in Germany as an example
Andreas Manuel, Rainer Leonhart, Olof Broman & Gero Becker

Testing the applicability of BIOME-BGC to simulate beech gross primary production in Europe using a new continental weather dataset
Marta Chiesi, Gherardo Chirici, Marco Marchetti, Hubert Hasenauer, Adam Moreno, Alexander Knohl, Giorgio Matteucci, Kim Pilegaard, André Granier, Bernard Longdoz & Fabio Maselli

Biomass allocation patterns and allometric relationships between components of the androdioecious Acer tegmentosum
Xinna Zhang, Chunyu Zhang & Xiuhai Zhao

Increased water use efficiency does not prevent growth decline of Pinus canariensis in a semi-arid treeline ecotone in Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)
Patricia Brito, Thorsten E. E. Grams, Rainer Matysssek, Maria S. Jimenez, Agueda M. Gonzalez-Rodríguez, Walter Oberhuber & Gerhard Wieser

Liocourt’s law for tree diameter distribution in forest stands
Nicolas Picard & David Gasparotto

Sampling methods for titica vine (Heteropsis spp.) inventory in a tropical forest
Carine Klauberg, Edson Vidal, Carlos Alberto Silva, Michelliny de M. Bentes & Andrew Thomas Hudak

Modeling size-density trajectories for even-aged beech (Fagus silvatica L.) stands in France
François Ningre, Jean-Marc Ottorini & Noël Le Goff

An economic comparison of risk handling measures against Hylobius abietis and Heterobasidion annosum in the Landes de Gascogne Forest
Marielle Brunette & Sylvain Caurla



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