“50 years Annals of Forest Science” : Wood products and green chemistry

Green chemistry for and from wood has developed numerous industrial products, namely biosourced, green wood adhesives and preservatives, foams, composite matrices, laminates, hard and flexible plastics, flexible films, and abrasive grinding discs, and their number is still growing.
This review addresses (1) the elimination of toxic aldehydes from the most common wood panel adhesive, the one based on urea, itself a natural product, (2) biosourced adhesives derived from wood or other vegetable matter and used for wood products, and (3) wood and bark tannin-based foams, natural fiber composites using tannin matrices, paper surface laminates and continuous high-pressure paper laminates using tannin-furanics, hard plastics based on tannin-furanic materials and some of their applications, flexible biosourced tannin-furanic films, and biosourced wood preservatives.



Pizzi A 2015. Wood products and green chemistry. Ann. For. Sci.: 1-19. 10.1007/s13595-014-0448-3.

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