NEW SPECIAL ISSUE: Assisted Migration and Forest Seed Transfer

We are launching the topical collection “Assisted Migration and Forest Seed Transfer”.

This special issue will gather articles investigating potential chances and risks of assisted gene flow and assisted migration of forest tree populations in climate change. That should go beyond purely scientific studies and may include data paper collections and the analysis of potential implications for national and international policies.

Background Climate change is predicted to modify present tree species distributions, the stability of forest ecosystems and to hamper manifold forest ecosystem services. Forest regeneration – natural and artificial – is a key management action which should facilitate stable, productive and diverse forests for expected future conditions. Given the huge quantitative and phenotypic variation within and among forest tree populations, assisted gene flow and migration, i.e. the assisted transfer of forest seed and seedlings have been suggested as suitable measure to adapt forests for the future.

Moreover, assisted migration is also discussed for other forest species, such as animals, herbs, fungi (in particular mycorrhiza) which are endangered in climate change or which play important functional roles for the survival of forest communities under expected future climate conditions.

The present topical collection aims to publish papers across all these topics and all groups of forest species. It may include ecological, genetic, economic and policy aspects of assisted migration that may be presented as research articles, reviews, opinion or data papers.

Our Guest Editors are Silvio Schüler and Marta Benito Garzón; Andreas Bolte will be Handling Editor of this topical collection within the Editorial Board.

Silvio Schüler is head of the Department of Forest Growth and Silviculture at the Austrian Research Centre BFW and coordinates the Interreg Cooperation SUSTREE.

Marta Benito Garzón is senior researcher at the INRA, Biodiversity, Genes and Communities research team  and holds a Chair from Idex Program of Excellence of the University of Bordeaux.

Deadline for online manuscript submission: 30 November 2019.

We would like to finish the reviewing and revision process of the submitted papers by April 2020 so the topical collection could be completed in May 2020. Earlier papers will not have to wait for others and will be published directly online after final acceptation.
Authors must follow the instructions for authors available on Springer website and may use the templates available for the Title page and the Manuscript. Upon submission in Editorial Manager, authors must select SI: Assisted Migration as Article type to assign their manuscripts to the special issue.

We are looking forward to receiving your manuscript and ready to answer any questions sent to

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