New special issue : Forest information for bioeconomy outlooks at European level !

We are launching the special issue Forest information for bioeconomy outlooks at European level.

This special issue stems from the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress session “Building relevant, harmonised, comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date forest information for bioeconomy outlooks at European level – a joint ENFIN-DIABOLO session”.

Our Guest Editors are Prof. Tuula Packalen and Dr. Klemens Schadauer and they will be assisted by Ms. Alexandra Freudenschuss and Mr. Markus Lier. (;;;

Important deadlines:

  • Send a title with the list of co-authors to the guest editors by Tuesday 31st October 2017
  • Submit your manuscript online via Editorial Manager by Friday 29th December 2017 [UPDATE on 29 Nov: the deadline is postponed to Wednesday 31st January 2018]

Authors must follow the instruction for authors available on Springer website and may use the templates available for the Title page and the Research article. Upon submission in Editorial Manager, authors must select DIABOLO_IUFRO_2017 as Article type to assign their manuscripts to the special issue.


Tuula Packalen is research professor in forest planning at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). She has more than 25 years of experience in forest inventory, planning and information systems. In Finland she has lead two research programmes, several consortia and more than 20 projects. Internationally, she is the initiator and former coordinator (1995-2006) of the IUFRO Unit “Large-scale forest inventory and scenario modelling” (4.02-07), the initiator of the COST Strategic Workshop “Foresight on Future Demand for Forest-based Products and Services” (2010-2011), the initiator and coordinator (2013-17) of the COST Action FP1207 “Orchestrating forest-related policy analysis in Europe (ORCHESTRA)” and coordinator of a Horizon2020 project DIABOLO “Distributed, integrated and harmonized forest information for bioeconomy outlooks”.

Klemens Schadauer is Head of the Department of Forest Inventory at the Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape (BFW) since 2002. He has more than 25 years of work experience in planning, implementing, executing and evaluating NFI, the establishment of NFI concepts in other countries, the application and implementation of remote sensing techniques for NFIs and the leadership, organisation and chairing of international groups and projects at large scale. Since its formation in 2003 he leads the European National Forest Inventory Network ENFIN. He was chair of Cost Action FP1001 “UseWood” on “Improving Data and Information on the Potential Supply of Wood Resources: A European Approach from Multisource National Forest Inventories” and Vice-Chair of Cost Action E43 on “Harmonisation of National Forest Inventories in Europe: Techniques for Common Reporting” (2004-2008). He coordinated the ProAlp – project “Development of harmonized indicators and estimation procedures for forests with protective functions against natural hazards in the alpine space” and was involved in the promotion of sustainable management of forests and the establishment of a long-term vision of forestry in Georgia. He acted as scientific officer for the two “Framework contracts for the provision of forest data and services in support to the European Forest Data Centre”.


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