December 2014 (71, 8) issue is available


Original Papers

Elevated atmospheric CO2 and humidity delay leaf fall in Betula pendula, but not in Alnus glutinosa or Populus tremula × tremuloides

Douglas Godbold, Arvo Tullus, Priit Kupper, Jaak Sõber, Ivika Ostonen, Jasmin A. Godbold, Martin Lukac, Iftekhar U. Ahmed, Andrew R. Smith

Impact of management on nutrients, carbon, and energy in aboveground biomass components of mid-rotation loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) plantations

Dehai Zhao, Michael Kane, Robert Teskey, Daniel Markewitz, Dale Greene, Bruce Borders

Seed viability as a function of moisture and temperature in the recalcitrant rainforest species Baccaurea ramiflora (Euphorbiaceae)

Bin Wen, Yifan Cai

The role of cold storage and seed source in the germination of three Mediterranean shrub species with contrasting dormancy types

Ana Vasques, V. Ramón Vallejo, M. Conceição Santos, J. Jacob Keizer

Climatic factors control rodent seed predation in Pinus pinea L. stands in Central Spain

Rubén Manso, Marta Pardos, Rafael Calama

C and N concentrations in different compartments of outgrown oak coppice forests under different site conditions in Central Italy

Giovanni Di Matteo, Irene Tunno, Pierfrancesco Nardi, Paolo De Angelis, Giada Bertini, Gianfranco Fabbio

Post-fire selective thinning of Arbutus unedo L. coppices keeps animal diversity unchanged: the case of ants

Lídia Quevedo, Xavier Arnan, Olga Boet, Anselm Rodrigo

Multi-coefficient goal programming in thinning schedules to increase carbon sequestration and improve forest structure

Ying-Ta Chen, Ching-Ter Chang

Grazing affects shoot growth, nutrient and water status of Quercus ilex L. in Mediterranean open woodlands

Alma M. García-Moreno, María D. Carbonero-Muñoz, María Serrano-Moral, Pilar Fernández-Rebollo

Site-specific growth responses to climate drivers of Pinus pinea L. tree rings in Italian coastal stands

Gianluigi Mazza, Andrea Cutini, Maria Chiara Manetti


Erratum to: Uneven-aged management options to promote forest resilience for climate change adaptation: effects of group selection and harvesting intensity

Valentine Lafond, Guillaume Lagarrigues, Thomas Cordonnier, Benoît Courbaud




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