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Considering evolutionary processes in adaptive forestry

François Lefèvre, Thomas Boivin, Aurore Bontemps, François Courbet, Hendrik Davi, Marion Durand-Gillmann,  Bruno Fady,Julie Gauzere, Cindy Gidoin, Marie-Joe Karam,  Hadrien Lalagüe,  Sylvie Oddou-Muratorio, Christian Pichot

European oak powdery mildew: impact on trees, effects of environmental factors, and potential effects of climate change

Marçais Benoit, Desprez-Loustau Marie-Laure

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Transpiration of silver Fir (Abies alba mill.) during and after drought in relation to soil properties in a Mediterranean mountain area

Marie Nourtier, André Chanzy, Maxime Cailleret, Xie Yingge, Roland Huc, Hendrik Davi

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Vulnerability to forest decline in a context of climate changes: new prospects about an old question in forest ecology

Nathalie Bréda, Marianne Peiffer
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Annals of Forest Science changes its scope and complies with green open access rules

Erwin Dreyer, Peiffer Marianne, Jean-Daniel Bontemps, Jean-Michel Leban
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