Natural and human-assisted adaptation of forests to climatic constraints: the relevance of interdisciplinary approaches

Conveyors: Philippe Rozenberg and Alejandro Martinez Meyer.

Conference, 18-19 November, 2014; Orléans, France.

Annals of Forest Science is pleased to issue the first announcement for this conference.

New constraints associated with climatic change threaten tree species all over the world. Loss of productivity, declines and mortality are currently being observed in all types of forest ecosystems. Forest scientists investigating the adaptation of forest tree species develop new interdisciplinary approaches aiming at better understanding the ongoing process. Adaptive response of individuals and populations to climatic stress gains from being studied at variable time, demographical and geographical scales, and benefits from the understanding of the basic physiological mechanisms involved. The objective of this conference is to present, compare and discuss practical examples and strategies of interdisciplinary approaches aiming at better understanding the natural adaptation of forest to new climatic constraints associated with the climate change. Special interest is also displayed for interdisciplinary approaches dedicated to the development of  strategies of human-assisted adaptation to climate change.

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