Laurent Berges

L_BergesFields of competence

  • Topic 1: Role of the surrounding landscape mosaic on floristic biodiversity: effect of environment fragmentation, role of connectivity, advantages of ecological corridors, role of linear transport infrastructures, setting up the green belt.
  • Topic 2: Link between floristic biodiversity and forestry management of lowland forests: role of human-related and natural disturbances on floristic biodiversity dynamics: degrees of management intensity, effect of the regeneration method, comparison of exploitation methods, role of species composition on the undergrowth vegetation, effect of the treatment method, impact of herbicides, past land uses and management history.
  • Topic 3: Developing reproducible and informative vegetation inventory methods: evaluation of the observer effect, sample size, method standardisation, sampling optimisation.
  • Topic 4: Characterisation and potential features of forestry stations: types of forestry stations, ways in which the flora works as a bio-marker, species autecology, population sensitivity to wind damage

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