Christophe Plomion

C_PlomionMy research interest is generally in the area of molecular, quantitative and population genetics in forest trees (mainly Pines, Oaks and Eucalyptus). This includes research on:
* Genetic mapping and comparative mapping to study genome structure and evolution
* Linkage and association mapping to identify loci influencing the variability of quantitative traits and decipher the genetic and molecular basis of phenotypic variation
* Functional genomics driven by: i/ the study of the genetic control of molecular plasticity to identify genes that matter for adaptation in trees (response to drought and anoxia, bud phenology, response to gravi- and photo-tropisms), and ii/ the identification of genes underlying traits of commercial interest (wood quality, biomass production…)
* One of the new interest in my research is to detect genes underlying local adaptation and ecological speciation using oak as a model species. To this end I am coordinating two projects aiming at  establishing a reference genome sequence for Oak and sequencing the genome and transcriptome of i/ sessile oak populations along environmental clines, and ii/ four sister species of european white oaks, to study both their divergence in terms of structural variation and gene regulation.

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