By dispersing seeds, bats generate essential ecosystem services

Picture copyright Enríquez-Acevedo et al.

When frugivorous bats forage for fruits in forests or agricultural lands, they serve the important ecological function of seed dispersal. In the Colombian Andean region, researchers Enríquez-Acevedo et al. studied how seed dispersal by fruit bats can generate important ecosystem services for agroecosystems, mixed-crops being more impacted than extensive livestock agroecosystems, and eventually for society.

Do all grain legumes provide comparable ecosystem services?

Picture copyright Guinet et al.

Legumes have a key role to play in agriculture transition towards greater sustainability, due to their ability to provide ecosystem services. However, choosing the right grain legumes to provide specific ecosystem services remains difficult because references are lacking for a diversity of species. Guinet et al. characterized and distinguished ten-grain legumes according to their ability to deliver contrasted nitrogen-related ecosystem services. Their study provides a rationale for choosing legumes species according to intended objectives and for adjusting N management in cropping systems.