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To stay relevant and useful for the wheat data community, it is important that the recommendations contained here are maintained. This will be especially true as new technologies are developed requiring standards to be agreed. The maintenance of the guidelines will depend on an ongoing process of monitoring practices across the wheat community, and maintaining communication with those who are producing and using wheat data. There are many ways you can help.

Become an adopter: Please let us know why and how these guidelines are helpful to you and your institution. See the Current list of adopters

Give your feedback: You can contact us either by email or by leaving a comment on a specific page. This is an easy way to propose improvements or corrections, update the state of the art and share best practice or useful tools.

Join the maintenance group: The guidelines have been initiated by a working group in the context of RDA (Research Data Alliance: and will be maintained by the WheatIS (Wheat Information System: within the framework of the International Wheat Initiative ( This group is open and all contributions are welcome. You can join us to help keep the guidelines accurate and up-to-date with the latest standards and practices in Wheat research. Please send us an email (